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Latest News ! 29/01/2015

We are pleased to inform you that Dual Citizenship process which has been suspended since 2011 is expected to commence shortly. Migration Lanka Services, as the leader and your trusted partner in Dual Citizenship services, is currently preparing to resume our service.

We will shortly announce the application procedures, eligibility and document requirements and the cost associated with the new Dual Citizenship process. As there will be thousands of people rushing to apply, we strongly recommend applicants wishing apply dual citizenship to register with us by sending the Information Form. Registration will be FREE of CHARGE.

As soon new procedures for Dual Citizenship process is announced, on priority basis, we will immediately notify our registered clients with full information so your application can be processed without delay. As premier migration service company in the Island having assisted thousands of dual citizenship applicants over the span of last seven years, we will update our website regarding new dual citizenship procedures upon its immediate commencement by Government.

We look forward to assist you again. Thank you for your patience.
Sri Lankan Dual Citizenship

When it comes to dual citizenship, the world is divided: there are countries whose citizenship regulations allow its own citizens the acquisition of another citizenship. On the other hand, there are countries which do not allow the acquisition of another citizenship. There are also countries where the acquisition of another citizenship will lead to the loss of the present citizenship but allows regaining lost citizenship through a legal process. Fortunately, Sri Lanka is one of the few countries that allow regaining lost citizenship through a legal process while keeping the foreign citizenship. Many thousands used this provision in the law and have regained the Sri Lankan Citizenship. Many more people planning to obtain Dual Citizenship while some are undecided trying to understand the benefits it brings to their already comfortable life. However, one question remain relevant for all - how can we get Sri Lankan Dual Citizenship?. How easy to get it?.

Many have heard agonizing experience from fellow Sri Lankans and the numerous difficulties that can be encountered when acquiring Dual Citizenship. The volume of paper work to be completed is high and normally it takes months to complete the process. Incomplete applications naturally cause inevitable delays and in case further document submissions are required this cannot be attended swiftly as applicants are living outside Sri Lanka. The Dual Citizenship applications are processed only in Colombo. All these reasons make the Dual Citizenship application process a frustrating exercise for many people. But no more! Migration Lanka Services offers reliable and professional service for you to obtain the dual citizenship in the most convenient manner within the shortest possible time. Leave those troubles to an Expert and Say Goodbye to Frustration.

Our professional team is fully knowledgeable about Citizenship Laws, Regulations and new Procedures and ready to solve any issue that may come across in the application process. On your behalf, Migration Lanka Services could now handle every single step in the application process and could save your time and money. You can now send Dual Citizenship application directly to us and after careful preparation we will submit it to respective Government Agencies on your behalf in Colombo. Not only we submit the application but closely monitor the progress of your application to ensure you receive your Dual Citizenship as fast as possible. Many hundreds of Ex-Sri Lankans living many parts of the globe have been applying Dual Citizenships through us, undoubtedly the most convenient way to get your certificate.

Our services include consultation, assistance in preparing your application, submit it on your behalf to immigration, make further submissions in case additional documents are required, obtain approvals, effect payments, monitor progress and follow up with regular contacts with the applicant and deliver Citizenship Certificate to your doorstep. Basically we represent you in Sri Lanka in this matter and move on your behalf.

Through our service, we help thousands of Ex-Sri Lankans living abroad with talents, know- how and resources to acquire legal status in Sri Lanka again so they can positively contribute to the development of Sri Lanka. We are unique because we promote Sri Lanka by building bond with those who left the country.

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